Who I saw on the night of
September 20th - 21st, 2008

I guess I'd better start by setting this up, because this entire account is unbelieveable; but true. I was driving down in the countryside of Virginia, beautiful country down there. I had a vision while driving. I saw a place and I had never been there before in my life. But, after the vision, I drove right there. I knew it was the place in the vision, because I saw a tree that had been struck by lightning; and there it was. The place is near the foot of East River Mountain; a mountain that lies between West Virginia and Virginia. I started going there, often to pray, as it is secluded. I did this for several years.

I've always felt a strong presence of God there. It's quiet and peaceful and the wind blows around you while you pray. That is my place; the place God gave me. The only time it's not peaceful there is when the locust comes out. They can be quite noisy. Anyway, I digress. On one particular day, I decided to walk there. It's like 20 miles from my home. I enjoyed the walk. It was September. The air temperature was great and sunny. Took me a while to walk to my prayer place, and I got there at exactly 2 minutes before midnight. (I walked a long time in pitch darkness.) I finally got there and walked up hillside a bit to where I pray. I pray where the tree is that was struck by lightning.

I sit down and opened my backpack, and turned on my flashlight. I pulled out my shortwave radio and looked at the clock. Sure enough, it was 11:58PM, on September 20th, 2008. I turn off my flashlight and all of a sudden, up in the sky, looking west from my position, it seemed all the stars I saw in the sky, closed into one spot. And then I observed a Being, and He glowed like the sun. Then I observed other beings, and they also were glowing. The one in the middle, was stationary the entire time, but the ones on His left and right began going down to the earth and then, back up to the sky. This went on for like 4 minutes. My mind couldn't quite comprehend what I was seeing. It dawned on me, this is Jesus coming back. But, why am I not being caught up. Later on, I realized I didn't quite understand His second coming. I turned to the Bible and finally got the truth about it. He told His Disciples plainly, "Behold, I come as a Thief..." Revelation 16:15 KJV. It then dawned on me, that Christ had come for the righteous dead. I believe to this day they are now with God in Heaven. I was like confused. Why didn't anyone else go up. Then I came to understand Matthew 24: 29-31 KJV. This is where Jesus taught He would come for everyone else AFTER the tribulation period was over. Made sense to me.

I believe that Jesus has come for the dead in Christ, and we which are alive and remain will go up after this time period is over called the tribulation. I have thought about this a lot. I have also prayed about it a lot. I have thought, was I delusional. That's probably your first thought about this. I then thought, maybe I saw a vision of what will happen. I don't think it was. The entire event was very real and I was very awake and in my right mind. I believe Christ has returned, as He said He would. I started my website shortly after. Of course the internet trolls had a field day with me. I stood my ground about it. I believe we are in the tribulation period and I believe that time is quickly running down on the world. The next time Jesus comes for the righteous living, if you're still here, it was be so bad, you'll wish you were dead. I affirm on the Holy Bible; I affirm by all that is Holy in heaven that I have seen this event, and I am witness to it. I also think there is no way I was the only one who saw this. I think they probably saw Him on the International Space Station. I believe more people that was awake at the time, somewhere, saw this event. Also, one more thing: This happened eight days before the start of Rosh Hashanah; the Jewish New Year. (September 29th, 2008)


If you are reading this, you did NOT get "Left Behind," nor are you now damned since this event happened. So don't think that. You merely didn't understand the nature of the rapture. I was the same. I believed it just like the Left Behind movies said it. It took me months after this event happened, and much prayer to understand it. So don't think you have been left behind. You merely now have to go through the tribulation, as Jesus of Nazareth taught in Matthew 24: 29-31 KJV. Tribulation does not mean the wrath of God. You do not have to experience that. Tribulation means, in the greek: "Pressure," Pressure satan puts on the Bride, and afflicts them, persecutes them and kills them. We see this happening now, all around the world and it's been on an increase since 2008. And it's coming to America. What you will have to wait for is a post-tribulation, pre-wrath return of Jesus of Nazareth for the righteous living. And, I apologize if you don't believe this page. But, it is unbelieveable, trust me. Took me over 2 years to come to grips with it all. Also, something else happened to me, afterwards. I won't go into details, but the devil tried to kill me walking home. Let it suffice to say, God saved my life that night. He's saved me more ways then you'll ever know in my life. Thank you Jesus of Nazareth for your love! Luke

Sky Chart for:
September 21st, 2008

Sky Chart September 21 2008
Notice how Leo, the King is opposed to Saturn, or satan, kronos or chronos? Notice the bunching of planets?

The question you need to ask yourself is this: What were you doing that was so important that you missed the greatest event in the history of the planet? Sleeping? Watching Late Night with David Letterman? Making love to your spouse? What were you doing that was more important than watching for the greatest event ever: The resurrection of the Just.