Arlis Kay Perry (February 22, 1955 - October 12, 1974)[1] was a newlywed 19-year-old North Dakota native who was killed in Stanford Memorial Church on the grounds of Stanford University on October 12, 1974. Her murder remains unsolved. (I will solve it with this website. Luke Nichols)

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I read the Book, The Ultimate Evil. A radio program mentioned the book, so I bought it off Amazon and read it. I didn't have to go far to get insight into the ritualized body positioning after her murder. From the pages of Maury Terry's book, I have deduced the possibility:

Freemasons actually sacrificed Arlis Perry on that fateful night, back in 1974.

This leads me to believe two things: David Berkowitz is a liar, who only knows of the murder from heresay, and two, Maury Terry is a liar, to sell books.

Now, let's get to the crime scene. Arlis Perry's body was laid out, naked from the waist down. Her jeans were going back across her calves, the opposite direction, to make a diamond shaped pattern. An Altar Candle was inserted into her female sex organ. Police remarked that her body was decidedly laid out in a ritualistic fashion. I believe they knew exactly what her body was laid out as. A Master Mason's Symbol.

Consider the following diagram. (Forgive the crudity of it.)

The pattern the body was laid out was a Master Mason's Symbol. The Altar Candle is the "G" in the Master Mason's symbol. The "G" doesn't stand for God. It stands for the "Generating Principle of Life,' or the male penis. Mrs. Perry had no penis, so that's why the Altar Candle was inserted. The Compass is the male thighs, coming down on the Square, the female thighs. This is the hidden meaning of the Master Mason's Symbol

Arlis was a good Christian lady. She loved to witness to people about Jesus. Yet, she was struck down, at a very young age, by evil, corrupt men.

Her husband, Bruce Perry, ironically, went on to be a psychiatrist, and he was the Chief Psychiatrist that interviewed the surviving children of the Waco Massacre; perpetrated by Freemason Bill "Slick Willy" Clinton. Was Bruce Perry a Freemason? Did he sacrifice his own wife to further his career?

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